Humboldt Co-op Board of Directors
November 14, 2019

Board of directors are elected at each year's annual meeting. Please see the attached document for a list of the current Board of Directors.

Roger Nordick

Roger Nordick served retail business for many years, with 20 years at the Humboldt Co-op. Later he moved on to pursue a career in the emergency services industry. He also served as director and vice-president of Prairie Co-op in Melville for over 15 years. Nordick recently retired from a position as fire chief in Hinton, Alberta. He looks forward to using his experience to enhance the already exciting growth in Humboldt Co-op's retail operation and the growth in our region.

Murray Friestadt
Vice President

I have been a Co-op member in one way, shape or form since 1975 when I struck out on my own and left Humboldt after completing high school. My wife Trudy and I returned to the Humboldt area in 2012 after I retired with 37.5 years with SaskTel. We have been Humboldt Co-op members since then. I joined the Board of Directors in June, 2018. I hope to help make the Humboldt Co-op as successful as possible. Trudy and I combined have 6 adult children scattered across Saskatchewan and Alberta. To relax, I like to spend some time with my table saw. I also enjoy fishing, hunting and puttering around in our yard.

Shelley Hergott

Shelley and her husband Mike have been the owners of Hergott Electric for over 26 years and Co-op Members for almost as long. "I'm really looking forward to the challenge of being a Director," says Hergott. Talking to our membership, they see Humboldt growing and know that we need to be focused on expansion as a Co-op as well. Hergott is working towards a growing and prosperous future for all members of the Co-op.

Dale Weyland

Dale Weyland moved to Humboldt over two years ago but was a Humboldt Co–op member long before that (for least 25 years), as well as a member of the Bruno Co-op. He still farms North-East of Bruno and drives school bus. Weyland is very experienced with Co-op boards, as he served on the Bruno Credit Union board for 18 years. Along with his wife, Sandy, they have three grown children and have just built a new home. They look forward to becoming more involved in the community.

Darren Schatz

Darren was born and raised in Nokomis. He moved to the Humboldt area in 2016 after getting married. Together he and his wife, Alaina, have three children. Darren has several years retail experience. He joined the Humboldt Co-op board of directors in June 2018, and is looking forward to the challenge of being a director. Currently you will find him driving school bus for Southland Transportation and helping out in the office of Dr. Alaina Elias.

Phil Hinz

I was raised on the family farm in the Muenster area and also farmed there. I have worked for Sask Wheat Pool, Weyburn Co-op, Doepker Industries Ltd and Bourgault Industries Ltd. I now live in Humboldt and work at the Peavey Mart. I have been a member of the Humboldt Co-op since 1972.

Wayne Schidlowsky

Wayne Schidlowsky has been a Co-op member and supporter for many years. With a back ground in education and volunteerism he is active with tutoring and supporting English Second Language programs in the community. He enjoys art and painting and helps out various groups in this area. As a newer Humboldt Co-op board member his hope is to see the Co-op grow and flourish by keeping it active and relevant in the community and area while always encouraging membership engagement.

Lloyd Willison

Lloyd Willison is a community guy. Born in Regina, Willison moved to the Humboldt area and has been involved with community organizations ever since. He enjoys working with the food bank and of course the Co-op. A University of Regina graduate, he spent several years in hospital administration before coming to Humboldt to take over the in-laws family farm. He now raises cattle and enjoys music and photography. Willison and his wife Laura (nee Zens) enjoy a rural lifestyle and have three children. He has been a board member at the Humboldt Coop since April 2004.

Scott Gehlen

Scott has been a member of the Humboldt Co-op for the past 16 years and on the board of directors for the past 3 years. Scott and his wife Marleen have 1 young daughter and live on a farm north of Humboldt. Scott and his parents operate a mixed cattle and grain farm.

Brent Walker
General Manager

I am originally from Saskatchewan and was born in Prince Albert. My career started in 1988 and for the next 30 years I have held several different Management positions in the Co-operative Retailing System (CRS) before moving to Humboldt in June of 2018. The majority of my career was spent in Central Alberta including Red Deer, Innisfail, Rocky Mountain House and Drumheller. The CRS is a dynamic Federation and I am proud to be a Brand Ambassador for the Co-op, living our values every day.

Nominations for Directors will be advertised at the beginning of February each year. To qualify to be a Director you must meet the following requirements set forth in the Humboldt Co-op Bylaws (see full bylaws attached below).

Qualifications of Directors


  1. No person shall be a director if that person
    1. is not an individual;
    2. is less than eighteen (18) years of age;
    3. is of unsound mind and has been so found by a court in Saskatchewan or elsewhere;
    4. is an employee, spouse of an employee or family member residing in the same household as an employee;
    5. has the status of bankrupt; or
    6. conflict of interest exists due to such things as the person’s employment, outside board appointments, agreements or ownerships, etc.

  2. No person, shall be a director if that person, or any entity of which that person is an office, director, or member, has an account with the Co-operative that is more than 90 (ninety) days in arrears or has a past due account written off to which restitution has not been made.

  3. No person shall be a director unless that person, or an entity of which that person is an officer, director or member:
    1. is a member of the co-operative, and
    2. has purchased goods and services, or a combination of both, from the Co-operative during the preceding fiscal year, worth the collective amount of at least $2,500, and
    3. resides in the trading area of the co-operative as defined by the board of directors in the co-operative’s equity policy, and
    4. has been a member of the co-operative for 12 months prior to the nomination.

If you are interested in becoming a Director please contact one of our current Directors for more information.